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Welcome to Sparrows Nest Childminding Services

I have been a registered childminder for twenty two years. I am married to Alan who works at Goring Hall Hospital but who is also my registered assistant and as such he is able to be left in charge of the children if necessary. We have two adult children, our son Daniel lives with us but our daughter Stephanie has her own home with her children, Toby and Grace.

I hold a certificate in Early Years Practice, an NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Care and I have previously achieved a Level 3 in the Pacey (previously NCMA) Quality Assurance Scheme. I regularly update my paediatric first aid, child protection and food hygiene certificates as part of my commitment to providing good quality childcare.

My normal working day is 7:00 - 18:00 and during these hours I charge £4.00 per hour. Outside of these I charge £5.00 per hour. I am also registered for overnight care (20:00 - 6:00) and charge a flat rate of £25. I also accept childcare vouchers and offer free entitlement hours. I provide unlimited drinks and a snack both mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Lunch can be provided at an additional charge of £1.25 and evening meals for £2.00. Alternatively you can provide your own food for your child/ren. I operate using the Pacey contracts and public liability insurance. All contracted hours must be paid for whether or not your child attends.

I am registered with Ofsted (Registration no.114989) to care for a maximum of six children under the age of eight. As well as being registered with Ofsted, I am also an accredited childminder and part of the Magic Minders Childminding Network which means that I provide early years education.

I have an NVQ Level 4 in Early Years Care and Education I hold a Paediatric First Aid Certificate and a Stage 2 Food Hygiene Certificate which are both regularly up-dated. I provide a safe and caring environment within my home, promoting healthy eating and a healthy life style whilst encouraging the children to be polite, considerate and caring towards each other.

I provide a mixture of activities to create a learning environment promoting both physical and educational development. This includes, but is not limited to: trips to mother and toddler groups, indoor activity centres, swimming and visits to the parks, beach and woodland areas. At home the children have available to them at all times a range of toys, games, books and puzzles. I also provide electronic entertainment such as TV channels, PlayStation 2 and the Wii, however these are supervised activities and not available to the children at all times. In addition to that, there is the opportunity for the children to draw, paint and make seasonal crafts. Finally, older children are able to complete homework after school or simple relax. I do ask for additional funding towards trips, particularly in the school holidays when we are out and about most days.

My mission is to provide a safe, caring and welcoming environment where children will feel happy and secure whilst away from their own family. I want them to be able to share in a mixture of home life as well experiencing new skills and adventures. I offer the, the opportunity to learn and socialise whilst developing their independence and life skills within the structure of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Any special requirements should be discussed and will be catered for if and when possible. I offer my services without prejudice whatsoever. Most importantly ... we have FUN.

Forest Childcare Setting

I am a Forest Childcare Provider and I believe that spending time outdoors is very important. That means that I:

A typical term time day ...

06:45    Set out a selection of toys for free play.

07:00    Children arrive, greet them and exchange info with parents.

07:30    Breakfast and free play until school time.

08:30    Nursery and school run.

09:00    Return home and provide breakfast for pre-school children and late arrivals.

10:00    Planned activity (e.g. toddler group, library visit, swimming, walk along beach, etc.).

12:00    Nursery collections.

12:30    Lunch.

13:00    Quiet time (e.g. read books, watch TV, sleep, etc.).

15:00    School run.

15:30    Afternoon snack (we sit at the table and talk about everyone's day).

16:00    Craft activity for those who want to or free play.

17:00    Dinner time.

17:45    Tidy up time and home time.

A typical school holiday day ...

The school holidays are less structured as we do not need to watch the time, however I will exchange info with parents at the beginning and end of each day so that everyone knows what is occuring. A selection of diffrent toys are always available to suit each age range along with drawing equipment, puzzles, the TV and the PlayStation 2/Wii. Every day I have a different activity or trip planned (if the weather disrupts the plans I always have a second plan to fall back on). Some of the things we do over the summer include: visits to the farm, Arundel lake, the beach, woodland walks, the Sealife centre, Staunton country park and a canal boat ride in Chichester. We also have video and craft days. Finally, I like to meet up with other childminders to give the children a chance to keep their friendships going through the holidays and also meet new children in different settings.